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Bling Ring



Lekkie Bling Rings quality machined
​from high grade alluminium

Quality Disc Brake Kits and Spare Brake Pads for every bike

Replacement Cassettes for your favorite Bike

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Electric Bikes - Fat Bike Tyres and Tubes - 0417400040
Electric Bikes - Tyre Puncture Repair Goo - 0417400040

Spare Parts

Fat Tyres

Tyre repair goo

Plugs, Wires, Throttles, Tools, Displays, Adaptors and more.

Vee Tyres, kenda Tyres and tubes.

True blue tyre goo to avoid punchers in your bike tyres.

Electric Bikes - Custom Made Bike Racks - 0417400040

Custom Made Car Bike Carriers

Custom  bike carriers made to suit any bike

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