Electric off road
Apollo stout 10

Electric Bikes - Apollo stout 10 with Triangle battery - 0417400040

This is the ultimate fat bike to ride anywhere. 

This is the ultimate fat bike to ride anywhere. 
This bike comes equiped with 26 x 4.5" tyres, 206mm front Hydraulic Disc Brake, 1000w mid drive motor, has nine speed Shimano Gears, Gear Sensor, 42t Bling Ring, 12-36 Tooth Rear Cassette, and a 48v14ah battery (optional 52v19.5ah triangle battery),
You can power around using the throttle only for  a distance of about (52v19ah 30-40 km) (48v14ah 20-25km)  or you can select the pedal assist mode (1to5) which allows you to pedal a  easy 60-80 km distance. The motor and components are water resistent. Bike weighs aprox 29kg complete and has a top speed of about 55+ kph. It has the power to ride along the beach through soft sand 1st  gear has a top speed of 28 kph and 3-4 kph for each  gear.
The bike has a soft start Gear Sensor which makes gear changes smooth. The bike has a large colour display screen with auto backlight, speed, trip, average speed and pedal assist levels. The tyres make a bit of a noise but it does give you a smooth ride. Most people hear you coming and will move out of the way. No need  to ring that stupid bell. You can ride this bike down along the beach or ride the cycle ways. (Optional 26"x4" road tyres) The bike is very comfortable to ride at 30 - 40 kph. You can ride this bike to work every day and save money on transport costs . Takes approx 2.5-3 hours for full charge . Comes with a good battery charger with 3 x settings. (Position 1 Charges for storage mode,  position 2 gives your battery a 90% charge,  and position 3 gives 100% charge. )
By charging at 90% for 9 charges and then a 100% every 10 th charge. They say this gives the batteries up to 3 times more cycles and you should always charge your battery up after every run.

Apollo with 52v19ah battery

Electric Bikes - Apollo stout 10 with Frame mount battery - 0417400040

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Apollo with 48v14ah battery

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Apollo off road
Electric Fat Bike 

48v14ah Frame Mount Battery.   A $3841.00
52v14ah Frame Mount Battery.   A $3941.00
48v17ah Frame Mount Battery.   A $3941.00
52v17ah Frame Mount Battery.   A $4191.00
​52v19ah Triangle bag.                        A $4291.00
52v30ah Triangle bag.                        A $4591.00

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