Tektro Auriga HD-E5530

Tektro auriga hde5530 brakes
Sensor controlled high performance eBrake designed for eBikes.
Powerful Hydraulic Disc Calliper

Available with bare wires or HIGO (Bafang). Please add preference to checkout comments.

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​​System: Hydraulic Disc Brake With Sensor Control Design 
Piston: Open system, Dual piston 
Material: Forged aluminum lever / Cast aluminum bracket 
Lever: Blade4 finger blade 
Hose Length: Front: 500 mm / Rear: 1525 mm 
Rotor: TR160-1: Ø160 mm ( Wave )  
Rotor Weight: 128 grams 
Adapter: AQ1.0 Series 
Fluid: Tektro mineral oil 
Pads: High performance metal ceramic compound 
Weight Front wheel: 329 grams
Rear wheel: 342 grams
(Excludes rotor, adapter & mounting bolts)  

Pair.                    $A 280.00

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