Battery Chargers

58.8v Aluminium Charger 5a for 14s Pack

- Cycle Satiator Smart Charger

58.8v charger
Grin technologies charger
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Chargers come with a 3 position switch to set output voltage to 58.8V, 57.4V and 53.2V. This enables charging to approx 100%, 90% and 50% SOC. Regularly charging to 90% SOC will help to extend cycle life. Charging to 50% is recommended for battery storage.

This is the best charger for our 14s Triangle Packs. Top Position (II) - Full charge, Middle Position - 90% Charge, Bottom Position (I) - 50% Charge.

Programmable universal fast charger for all types of battery packs.
Can be mounted on frame ideal for touring or used as home smart charger.
- Includes 1 optional cables (XLR to Anderson adapter).  Programming Cable.
- If you buy with one of out packs we will program for you. All units ship with latest firmware.

Inc programing cable

A $140.00

A $445.00

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