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Apache Electric Offroad Fat Bikes for sale.
These bikes are brand new out of the box and fitted up with a powerful drive unit.
This is a 26" Fat Bike with 4" tyres and has a 1000w mid-drive motor that can peak up in power to 1600w. This bike has a 48v 14amp battery pack. The battery is a 13s4p pack using Sanyo NCR18650GA cells. This is the most advanced 18650 cell on the market at 3500mAh rated to 10a discharge per cell. Range – Upto 80km using pedal assist. (Optional 52v 19.5amp triangle battery pack) There is a large colour display screen which displays speed, trip, pedal assist levels, battery and other functions. Has a 42t bling ring and a 9 speed Shimano rear cassette. There is a gear shift sensor which allows for smooth gear shifting under power. Has a good quality, adjustable rear kick stand. 203mm front/180mm rear Tektro Dorado hydraulic disc brakes with cut outs. You can ride this bike along the beach in soft sand or cruise along at 30 to 40 kph along the tracks and road. Top speed 55kph +.
There is 5 levels of pedal assist or you can zoom around every were using throttle only. 12 month manufacture warranty.

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                         $3412.00 with 48v14ah Battery
                         $3612.00 with 48v17ah Battery
                         $3562.00 with 52v14ah Battery
                         $3762.00 with 52v19ah Battery
                         $3892.00 with 52v28ah Battery

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