Inokim  OX    Electric Scooter

INOKIM OX is the SUV of electric scooters for both urban and off-road environments.
The silent 800W brushless motor within the rear wheel and the powerful lithium-ion battery allows the OX to travel a long distance and reach a speed of 45KM/h. The motor wheel is inspired by jet engines to reflect its power.
With a 28 kg body and 10 x 2.5″ tires for functionality and style, the OX Super folds effortlessly for quick transport. It’s the best electric scooter of its class with pneumatic tires and is perfect for the last mile commute in the city and off-road. Its patented adjustable suspension design guarantees you better stability at higher speeds and larger suspension in rough terrain.
The OX Super balancing scooter is lightweight, easier to ride, incorporates 5 seconds to fold and unfold mechanism, and has a wide deck for comfortable foot positioning which improves stability while riding. The whole body is made of a high-quality aluminum 6061 T6 Alloy that has proven its durability in the car manufacturing industry. Rear disc brake, Front drum brake, and Auto motor cut off allow confident riding and that feeling of safety.
The OX Super features a beautifully designed electronic throttle with an LCD display that provides information about travel speed, distance, more accurate battery status indicator and other information such as speed, speed mode, battery status, ODO, Trip time, cruise controls, backlit display, and an automatic power-off option.

Motor (Wattage) Battery                     800w continous 28nm
Battery Capacity                                       60v21ah
Capacity Range on full charge           110km
Suspension                                                    Yes
Light                                                                   Front and Rear
APP                                                                    No
Dimension (Folded)                                  120x58x58
Dimension (unfolded)                             120x58x128
Speed                                                                45kph 
Sloppy Road                                                  25 Deg
Front Tyre                                                      Pneumatic tyre 10” 
Rear Tyre                                                        Pneumatic tyre 10” 
Front Brakes                                                 Drum
Rear Brake                                                     Disc Brake
LCD Display                                                  Yes
Weight                                                            28Kg
Weight Load                                                120Kg
Charge Time                                                12.5 Hours
Colours                                                           Black
Waranty                                                         12 Months

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