WA E-bike law changes
Published on Wednesday, 06 May 2015 14:36
After several years of industry lobbying, and almost three years after the federal government introduced the regulations, the Western Australian government has passed the required legislation and is now completing the appropriate administrative processes to allow 250w power assisted pedal bicycles which meet EN15194 to be legally ridden on WA roads from April 27 2015.

This is an additional regulation, 200w throttle control bicycles can still legally be used on WA roads.

WA becomes the seventh Australian state and territory to adopt the regulations.

This means:
250w EN15194 compliant bicycles can be legally sold in any state and territory in Australia
250w En15194 compliant bicycles can be legally used in all states and territories except Northern Territory.

As with all other states, the key criteria is:
250w maximum rated output
Power assist - no pedal no power
25km/h assistance cuts out

If you would like any further information on federal or state regulations please contact the BIA office.

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