Triangle batteries


We are happy to offer EM3EV premium packs to customers in Australia. This pack is a 14s6p pack built with Samsung 32E or 30Q high discharge cells. The higher voltage the pack sits at is perfect for higher powered applications. The case is water resistant and it is fitted with a premium IP rated connectors. Designed for use with the triangle softcase.
Includes premium 5a switchable voltage charger.

Dimensions: ~75mm thick. 275mm long, 170mm high
Maximum Charge Current 12A max (BMS limited, 10A Recommended).
EM3EV build battery packs in a small, but well equipped factory, with numerous expensive machinery that has purchased over the years. They use only proven parts (and try to stick with them) from the genuine sources (not random cell suppliers that are pushing the next greatest thing). We understand that a battery is expensive and that safety is more important than anything else. We come with an Engineers Mindset, we always try to under-promise, and over-deliver, with conservative ratings and recommendations.
Batteries now come with Smart Blue tooth BMS
BMS Protection Current >100A. This is a very robust BMS, that can deliver around 40A continuous, but much more for extended bursts.

52v 19.5 Ah Triangle Pack
with smart bluetooth, triangle bag and 5ah charger $1200.00

52v 30 Ah Triangle Pack
with smart bluetooth, triangle bag and 5ah charger $1500.00

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