An electric bike that has been fitted with an electric motor and a battery to assist the rider.  Our specialised bikes have also been fitted with gear sensors to assist with easy gear changing and on board computers.

Depending on battery size you can achieve a full charge in 3.5 to 4.5 hours.

Yes, you can ride it any weather.  Our bikes are made with water resistant components so riding in the rain and through puddles is no problem.

Our Fat Bikes and Mountain Bikes handle tough terrain easily.  Roll right over it with our tough tyres that have “Tru Blu Goo” added into the tyres to seal up any punctures you may get.

Yes, we do servicing for the bikes we sell.  We also offer the first, 6 month or 300km service for free.

Here at ElectricBikes WA, we are proud to support local industry. As such, we now exclusively use bike batteries made here in WA, helping maintain quality and keep money in our local community. By using high-quality West Australian made batteries, we are able to pass savings onto you, so you can enjoy a safer and more affordable ride that supports local manufacturing.

We accept

  • Cash
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Square (1.9% charge)

Warranty information is provided upon purchase.

Key notes are:

  • 1st service (6months/300km) must be completed to maintain warranty.
  • Check your chain once a week for wear and adequate lubrication.
  • After the first 100km check all bolts on bike for tightness and security.
Yes. Please call me and we can discuss how to build the bike perfect for you. We can sell the kit so you can build it on your own. If you want to bring your own bike and have it fitted up we can do that as well, or buy a complete bike which we sell in the store.

Only the 250w models are road legal. 

Everything else above 250w you can only ride on private property –they’re not road-legal.

Information for certain breaks is included on our warranty/care package included on purchase.

For any other breaks please call and we can help get your bike back up and running.



Feel free to browse our page and place your order(s) for your bike parts and other services. If you have other preferences, you may also reach us through our contact details provided. Thank you!
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